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The Camp System of Negotiation

Nearly everything you get in life comes from agreements you negotiate with other people. You can do it well or do it poorly, but you have to do it everyday.

What is the Camp System?

 The Camp System is an ethical negotiation system for the real world that gets us more of what we want while eliminating unnecessary compromise. It consists of principles and behaviors that help you methodically prepare, execute and debrief throughout the life of a negotiation. When mastered, the System enables you to make better decisions and gives you a significant advantage to negotiate favorable agreements.

What the System is not.

It is not a status quo model which neglects breakthroughs in neuroscience that relate to how humans make decisions. It’s not an unethical or manipulative process. It does not rely on or use power and leverage tactics to trick or bully, and it’s not something you can become an expert in overnight. It is contrarian; it is hard work because it challenges your mindset and habits. You do have to be comfortable operating outside of your comfort zone. As coaches of the system, we are responsible for helping you discover there is a safer way of negotiating.

How can it help me?

The Camp System of Negotiation provides you with confidence in knowing what to do next. We help you identify the most effective way to communicate against any kind of respected opponent, at any point in a negotiation. This newfound sense of calmed emotion and confidence gives you the opportunity to get what you want more often, one decision at a time.

“The Camp negotiation training strategy is simply empowering and it has become second nature and indispensable to me in every part of my life, business and personal.”

Theresa L. Adams, President & CEO, Principia Partners LLC

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