Camp Systems

The Negotiation System that solves your most difficult challenges


Shooting before aiming

Successful Leaders Rely on Systems and Expert Implementation


When it comes to making agreements and building strong business relationships, today’s best negotiators rely on The Camp System because it’s flexible, repeatable, and used by leaders who are responsible for duplicating successes. As coaches we demonstrate how to apply our System from the trenches each and every day.


The stakes are high and you NEED this

Take Control and Eliminate Unnecessary Compromise


Today’s most effective professionals don’t leave their most important business agreements to chance or allow their counterparts to dictate terms and conditions. They rely on their ability to make and ask for clear decisions because they understand that “No” is simply a placeholder and a decision to be changed.


Not enough time

Evolve from a group of skilled individuals, into a team of lock-step negotiators.


Over the last 25 years, Camp Systems has helped professionals and teams develop and implement highly-successful negotiation strategies based on how decisions are made in the real world. Understanding each individual’s mindset and detrimental habits is the first requirement to make the team better. We do this at a one-on-one level to increase the performance of each negotiator. The results compound like interest.


You feel like the underdog

More Profitable, Longer-Lasting Agreements, and Better Relationships


Business leaders and teams using the Camp System supported by Camp coaches negotiate contracts worth billions of dollars annually. They also effectively negotiate internal alignment and settle disagreement at a much faster pace—saving their company time, energy, and money. We provide this by focusing on the only things we can manage, our activity, behavior, and most importantly our decisions. You can not control or manage the other party, but you can isolate and defuse their attempts to drive emotional concessions.

We work in the real world of negotiation every day

At Camp Systems we understand that negotiation is a human performance event, like a sport or playing a musical instrument. To become and expert, or to just improve, requires knowledge of the fundamental principles and behaviors specific to the event, learning to apply this knowledge in safe environments, receiving feedback on your performance from a expert in the event and then adjusting your performance based on your experience and expert feedback. At Camp Systems, we are your negotiation experts on call.