Camp Systems

The 6 Biggest Challenges That the Camp Negotiation System Solves

Challenge 1: 

Fear of Damaging or Losing Work Relationships

“They’re like family,” but fear has no place in relationships. You’ll be respected for integrity and a focus on the problems you’re facing. Don’t jeopardize your own company or employees to live in the past or assume you know the future.

Challenge 2: 

You Think Compromise is Required to Close a Deal

“Compromise is not required” doesn’t mean that you’ll never compromise. Instead, don’t start a negotiation ready to give something up, before you understand what your respected opponent really wants (which could be different than what they first disclose.)

Challenge 3: 

Emotions Getting in the Way

We form dangerous attachments to our own ideas, people, physical objects, and money. They make us more selfish and defensive, and they block our ability to negotiate well. Staying in a neutral position is a skill that our clients can master using our system.

Challenge 4: 

No Agreed Upon System of Negotiation

If you think you already have a “system”, ask ten people you work with to define negotiation and you’ll get nine different answers. Do you have a set of, principles, behaviors, and rules of negotiation  that are understood by all? We do and this is the cornerstone of success for our clients.

Challenge 5: 

Afraid to Say No

This fear doesn’t disappear if you have more money, education, or influence. Sometimes it even gets worse with more. We show our clients how to reverse the false beliefs around “no” that are rooted in us, and respectfully say and hear no with ease. Expert negotiators like hearing no.

Challenge 6: 

Not Enough Time

Meeting in 15 minutes? How well do you think on your feet? With a negotiation system, as you learn and practice, you’ll get measurably better at negotiating, with even short notice.