Camp Systems

Urgent Help

Are you...

In a negotiation that if
not executed with precision
can put your company or
job on the line?

Considering how to respond to an acquisition offer?

Facing contentious
power tactics from a
negotiator demanding
less than favorable
terms and conditions?

Dealing with key customer or supplier relationships that are extremely strained or broken?

Camp Systems Urgent Help Solution Provides:

Fast Help

Negotiation Expertise

Personal Support

Expert negotiation help available in less than 48 hours for business leaders facing a critical negotiation that can’t afford to wait. At Camp Systems, we recognize that sometimes time is against you and you need the insights, feedback and support of a negotiation expert now. For this situation, we offer Urgent Help. This service allows you to get on the phone with a Camp expert within 48 hours to help you address your situation quickly. Our senior negotiation experts have over 20 years of experience helping business leaders focus on getting what they want under extreme pressure.

“I’m in business law so most of my clients own factories and are very experienced business people . After coaching, I have a structure that before going to a negotiation event, I know what is important to me. I know what is what, and I know which questions to ask the other party so I can see if I want to help them.  He [Coach Dave] gave me a structure and that released my anxiety.  With a more organized way of thinking, I feel prepared to negotiate with anyone.”

-Managing Director at European Law Firm