Camp Systems

Are You And Your Team...

Losing sales, supply contracts, or
other business negotiations?

Making compromises to
save the deal?

Wasting time on training seminars with
no improvement in your
negotiation results?

Camp Team Training & Coaching Solution Provides:​​

Clear procedures and metrics

Intensive training in real-life
negotiation challenges​

Individual and team support

Our Team Training program includes 8-weeks of group and one-on-one coaching sessions. During this time, we’ll focus on teaching and reinforcing the Camp System principles and behaviors by following a structured learning process and by applying the system to your real-life negotiation challenges. Your team will learn by doing, with the insight, confidence and results that comes with expert coaching support.


Team Training Delivery:

  • Interactive online training via ZOOM video conferencing by a Camp coach
  • The experience is a combination of presentation and discussion, similar to an in-person workshop, plus participants create and receive coaching on their specific negotiation challenges and prepared checklists.  
  • Recordings of each group coaching session can be made available for future review
  • Access to Camp System’s private coaching platform to share additional negotiation resources, recordings of the training sessions and negotiation checklists used during the sessions.
  • Access to Camp System online learning tools including audio copies of Jim Camp’s book NO, the only negotiation system needed for work or home, recordings of Jim Camp’s live workshop series.

Individual Development


Build Good Habits:  Learn effective negotiation habits and identify your detrimental behaviors that are blocking your success.  

Develop Confidence: Learn how to prepare and execute in any environment against any adversary.

Think Strategically: Learn how each discussion, email, and interaction is a part of the overall negotiation strategy.

Team Alignment


Unity: A common process for preparing, executing and debriefing with shared definitions and understanding throughout the life of the entire business relationship.

Structured Communication: An organized delivery system for internal collaboration with feedback and coaching.

Focus: The ability to concentrate on what they can actually manage rather than blindly chasing results.

“The Camp System is there to serve an end, and the ultimate end is more revenue and higher close rate for the larger deals. We made our name with some of the the SMB space and we’ve been moving up market ever since. After our training, we’ve increased our efficiency at opening new relationships with larger customers and more complex deals, and that’s exactly what we were looking for. This is one of the most helpful trainings I’ve ever gone through.”

-John Paul, VP Sales at Spotio

“Our organization engaged with Jim Camp directly back in the early 2000’s.  At that point I was in a mid-level sales leadership role.  We’ve continued to grow our sales team through hiring professional sales talent, in my role now leading an 80 person sales organization, I was observing softness in our ability to negotiate.  I pulled the book off the shelf to re-read it for myself, that led me to engaging with Camp Systems again to bring the whole sales organization through the program in 2021/2022.  We’ve improved our processes, gained confidence and quickly got paid back in multiples in what we invested in the training.”

-Glenn Brooks, Senior VP Sales Verisk