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Jim Camp created a revolution with the methods that he innovated and then outlined in ‘Start With No.’ He has had more impact on the negotiation world than anyone else since Roger Fisher and William Ury. His chapter on interrogative questions is the best on the subject I have ever read. His method of preparation is completely unique and it gives you an edge that you can’t get anywhere else. We incorporated his thinking into the strategies to free hostages in the FBI’s international kidnapping response program and took our performance to a new level.

Christopher Voss
Author of The Wall Street Journal Bestseller - "Never Split The Difference" CEO at The Black Swan Group, Ltd

I endorse Todd Camp, the Camp System, and the available resources from Todd & team. His contribution has improved my effectiveness, while reducing my anxiety and helping me to identify and work upon the behaviors that I can control.

In transactions large and small, professional or personal Todd has helped me to invite no without sounding weak and say no without offense or hesitation.

In corporate America uninformed sales leadership provides feedback in two primary forms; an annual review to meet an HR requirement that justifies a predetermined raise (or lack thereof) and a periodic pipeline review where the take aways are that our deals aren't big enough, aren't closing soon enough, and we really NEED more.

This rote and often meaningless feedback does nothing to arm the man in the trenches. The guy who says no, and hears no every day is easy prey to feelings of isolation followed by patterns of escape or self medication, and manic depressive roller coaster rides that come with the perpetual hope for a yes.

Todd helped me learn the principles of the Camp system and exposed my weaknesses and misunderstandings in a safe, nurturing manner that I wanted to hear and was able to incorporate.

Our weekly collaborations over checklists, logs, and my observations regarding their execution has resulted in my routinely closing multi-millon dollar technology transactions including a life-time best for over $50MM.

My management thinks I am lucky. My coworkers think I have a good patch. My friends don't understand why I still live in my humble neighborhood and remain a nice guy. This is a price to be paid for committing to the help that is available.

If you have backbone, a sense of values and purpose then Todd and the system that he represents is a resource to jealously pursue.

Eric Sheetz
Industry Solutions Lead at Google

I worked with Todd for about a year, during which he coached me in the process of finding a suitable US company to partner with for the launch of a new product. His added value was in ensuring a well-prepared and structured process for each meeting/negotiation. Especially his pointed suggestions to switch from showing my counter party how well I had done my homework, to asking for views on a subject from the other parties perspective did wonders. I recommend Todd without hesitation to anyone entering into a complex negotiation process.

David Simons

“The Camp negotiating training system is second to none. I highly recommend their negotiation training courses as well as Jim Camp’s published negotiation books. All the services will show you a return on investment before you even complete them!”

Tim Davoren
Senior Account Executive,

“I was really amazed at the negotiation outcome. Our adversary, who started with a firm, no move stance, almost became malleable as we not only achieved our target walk-away, but we exceeded it. Ended up being worth millions of dollars which we could have left on the negotiation table! And at the end, I do believe that both negotiation parties were happy with the negotiation results. I am now a true believer.”

D. Kevin Kwok
Vice President and Chief Business Officer,
Dynavax Technologies

“The Camp System has elevated my thinking and provided me with a system that I can apply to both business and personal interactions. Stop burning your money and time on win-win, compromise, etc. When you’re ready to stop settling for mediocrity and get serious about your career contact Jim. With this system I have opened the doors to accounts that would otherwise have only been a wish or a dream.”

Chris Clark
Account Executive
Webb Insurance

“Jim Camp has forgotten more about negotiating than other so-called ‘experts’ ever knew. You’ll benefit greatly from his wisdom and pragmatic advice.”

T.J. Rogers
Chairman and CEO,
Cypress Semi Conductor

“First, I’ll say outright that I love your negotiation book, and the negotiation training course is excellent. There’s no question in my mind that Start with No® is the finest work on negotiation available today.”

Shawn Michael Fisher
Fisher Biomedical Incorporated

“Perhaps once or twice in a lifetime you’ll meet someone outside the scope of your immediate family that’s an enabling force, empowering you to change some aspect of your life. Jim Camp was that person for me. His insightful, ground-breaking ideas and concepts on negotiation have empowered me to take my professional and personal relationships to an entirely new level.

His books and all of his lectures were “Aha!” moments… no longer did I fear the negotiation process. Indeed, I looked forward to it. I recall an 11th hour negotiation with a large semiconductor company, where a $6 million order was on the line. I needed it that afternoon. Using Jim’s techniques, not only did I get the order that afternoon, but I negotiated a $600,000 premium!

That was pure profit that went right to the bottom line of the company. It never would have happened without the confidence and knowledge I gained from my coaching sessions with Jim Camp. That’s just one of hundreds of times I’ve used his system since I’ve learned it. Bottom line: Jim Camp understands negotiation in a way that no one else ever has. I’ve proved it time and time again. You owe it to yourself to learn Jim’s system. It will change the way you approach any negotiation, and it will change your life.”

Dave Fessler

“Jim Camp taught me more in 30 days than I had learned in 25 years as a global Sr. Vice President of Sales.”

Mike Rodensky
Sr. Vice President Sales