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Eliminate Unnecessary Compromise
and Increase Your Bottom Line

Camp Systems delivers a contrarian and counterintuitive negotiation system by working confidentially with you and your team on real business deals. We help you become highly effective preparing for, executing, and managing your most critical conversations from start to finish. The results are more profitable agreements, while building stronger and longer lasting business relationships. 

Are You Currently Struggling With...

Not Enough Time

You Think Compromise is
Required to Close a Deal

Emotions Getting in the Way

No Agreed Upon
System of Negotiation

Fear of Damaging or
Losing Work Relationships

Afraid to Say No

“Jim Camp created a revolution with the methods that he innovated and then outlined in ‘Start With No.’ He has had more impact on the negotiation world than anyone else since Roger Fisher and William Ury.”

Chris Voss, Author of The Wall Street Journal Bestseller – “Never Split The Difference” – CEO at The Black Swan Group, Ltd

Discover a Proven System to Negotiate More of What You Want

What Makes Us Different

The Camp System of Negotiation is for business negotiators, providing CEOs, leaders, entrepreneurs, and their teams with confidence in knowing what to do next. We help you identify the most effective way to communicate against any kind of respected opponent at any point in a negotiation. This newfound sense of calm emotion and confidence gives you the opportunity to get what you want more often, one decision at a time.

“I read the book, believed in the System and principles, and applied those in my work. I had gotten further along than I had ever thought I would from a sales perspective, and wanted to go to the next level.  But when I spoke with a coach, there was a cost component to it that I wasn’t really prepared to hear.

I decided to sleep on it, and realized if I didn’t make this investment, I probably would regret it later. At the end of the day, this is investment in myself and my future so I proceeded with personal coaching. I don’t want to exaggerate, but it’s definitely paid itself off time and time again. This is a worthy investment in yourself, and looking back a year and a half later, the ROI is substantial.”

-Patrick Fitzgerald, Sales Director at VideoAmp

Who Are Our Clients?

CEOs, directors, managers and other professionals around the world​

Small teams of business leaders

Hundreds of organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and the FBI Hostage Crisis Negotiation Training Unit

What We Offer

Team Training and Coaching

Experts from Camp Systems will lead you through a learning journey over 8 weeks that will transform your team to negotiation professionals that always know what they want, what to say and what to do next to keep a negotiation moving forward towards your objective

Urgent Help

Expert negotiation help available immediately for businesses leaders and their teams facing a critical negotiation.

Personal Coaching

Learn to apply the proven principles and behaviors of the Camp System to your actual negotiations by working with a Camp coach.

Online Learning

Online negotiation training for individuals who want to improve their negotiation capability.


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