Camp Systems

What is the Camp System?

The Camp System is an ethical negotiation system for the real world that gets us more of what we want while eliminating unnecessary compromise. It consists of principles and behaviors that help you methodically prepare, execute and debrief throughout the life of a negotiation. When mastered, the System enables you to make better decisions and gives you a significant advantage to negotiate favorable agreements.

What the System is not.

It is not a status quo model which neglects breakthroughs in neuroscience that relate to how humans make decisions. It’s not an unethical or manipulative process. It does not rely on or use power and leverage tactics to trick or bully, and it’s not something you can become an expert in overnight. It is contrarian; it is hard work because it challenges your mindset and habits. You do have to be comfortable operating outside of your comfort zone. As coaches of the system, we are responsible for helping you discover there is a safer way of negotiating.

How can it help me?

The Camp System of Negotiation provides you with confidence in knowing what to do next. We help you identify the most effective way to communicate against any kind of respected opponent, at any point in a negotiation. This newfound sense of calmed emotion and confidence gives you the opportunity to get what you want more often, one decision at a time.

What’s our advantage?

Let’s start with what we don’t do in negotiation. We don’t give our clients a playbook of tricks and tactics and then teach them how to bargain to their bottom line. Nor do we assume the world is fair, rational and predator-free.

Instead, we work directly with our clients to help them develop and implement highly-successful strategies for their current negotiation event. We help them identify paths they would have missed and build the habitual ways of thinking and behaving in the moment that give them an edge. Our personalized business coaching services include Team Training and CoachingUrgent Help and Personal Coaching. These are unique to the Camp System offerings as we provide feedback on your performance in the event and then work with you to adjust your performance based on your experience. At Camp Systems, we are your negotiation experts on call.

Who are our clients?

The Camp Negotiation System has been used by hundreds of organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and the FBI Hostage Crisis Negotiation Training Unit.

CEOs, directors, managers and other professionals around the world entrust Camp Systems to coach their most critical negotiations and build the capabilities of their teams.

What are our credentials?

Camp Systems was founded by Jim Camp, a leading global expert on negotiations. For more than 30 years, Jim and his team trained and coached over 100,000 people to negotiate better, more profitable agreements. Jim authored two best-selling books on negotiation: Start with No® and No: the Only System of Negotiation You Need for Work and Home as well as the Nightingale-Conant Audio Program, The Power of NO.   Today, Camp Systems is led by Todd Camp, Dave DeSantis, and a team of experienced negotiation coaches on 4 continents.  

Our Coaches

Todd Camp

Jim Camp Portrait

Jim Camp Jr. 

Dave DeSantis

Mark Glenewinkel