Camp Systems

The Camp System

Too many aspiring negotiators make the mistake of focusing on what they cannot control – the outcome or result of the negotiation – rather than what they can control – their own behavior and actions. Never fall into that trap. Set goals only in the one area you can have any lasting influence – how you as a negotiator decide, behave, and act.

– Jim Camp, founder of The Camp Negotiation System

The Camp System is an ethical negotiation system for the real world that gets us more of what we want while eliminating unnecessary compromise. It consists of principles and behaviors that help you methodically prepare, execute, and debrief throughout the life of a negotiation. When mastered, the System enables you to make better decisions and gives you a significant advantage in negotiating favorable agreements.
The very foundation of the System has been used by hundreds of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and executive teams.  It was founded by the late Jim Camp, who’s been called “the world’s top negotiator.” For more than 30 years, Jim and his team trained and coached over 100,000 people to negotiate better, more profitable agreements. He founded the Camp Negotiation Institute and authored two best-selling books on negotiation: Start with No® and No: the Only System of Negotiation You Need for Work and Home.

Today, Camp Systems is led by Jim’s son, Todd Camp, Dave DeSantis, and a team of experienced negotiation coaches on four continents. Over the last 30 years, Camp Systems has helped professionals and teams across the globe develop and implement highly-successful strategies based on how decisions are made in the real world. Camp Systems has helped them identify opportunities they would have missed and build the ability to think and respond at the moment to give them an edge.