Camp Systems

You can either negotiate well or poorly, but you have to do it everyday. We teach you how to excel. 


The Camp System of Negotiation provides you with confidence in knowing what to do next. We help you identify the most effective way to communicate against any kind of respected opponent, at any point in a negotiation. This newfound sense of calmed emotion and confidence gives you the opportunity to get what you want more often, one decision at a time.

We work directly with our clients to help them develop and implement highly-successful strategies for their current negotiation event. We help them identify paths they would have missed and build the habitual ways of thinking and behaving in the moment that give them an edge. Our personalized business coaching services include Team Training and CoachingUrgent Help and Personal Coaching. These are unique to the Camp System offerings as we provide feedback on your performance in the event and then work with you to adjust your performance based on your experience. At Camp Systems, we are your negotiation experts on call.

Team Training and Coaching

Our Team Training program includes 8-weeks of group and one-on-one coaching sessions. During this time, we’ll focus on teaching and reinforcing the Camp System principles and behaviors by following a structured learning process and by applying the system to your real-life negotiation challenges. Your team will learn by doing, with the insight, confidence and results that comes with expert coaching support.

Urgent Help

Expert negotiation help available in less than 48 hours for business leaders and their teams facing a critical negotiation.  At Camp Systems, we recognize that sometimes time is against you and you need immediate confidential support. This service allows you to get on the phone with a Camp expert asap to help you address your situation quickly.  If necessary we’re also willing to conduct on-site or virtual team coaching. Our senior negotiation experts have over 20 years of experience helping business leaders focus on getting what they want under extreme pressure.

Personal Coaching

Learn to apply the proven principles and behaviors of the Camp System to your actual negotiations by working with a Camp coach. We offer step-by-step support and guidance on your actual negotiations and difficult conversations. With a coach in your corner you will grow your confidence, gain more control, see the path to follow and learn what to say and how to say it. If you’re facing some important negotiations or conversations and you’re ready to be coached, then our Personal Coaching offering may be right for you.

Online Learning

Online negotiation training for individuals who want to improve their negotiation capability. If you are committed to personal development, but are not yet ready for the support of an expert coach, then you are a candidate for Camp System’s Online Learning offerings. This content is available 24/7 and is designed to teach the mindset, behaviors and structure of how to prepare, execute and review one or a series of negotiation events.