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You can either negotiate well or poorly, but you have to do it everyday. We teach you how to excel.

We work in the real world of negotiation every day

At Camp Systems we understand that negotiation is a human performance event, like a sport or playing a musical instrument. To become an expert, or to just improve, requires

  • knowledge of the fundamental principles and behaviors specific to the event,
  • learning to apply this knowledge in safe environments,
  • receiving feedback on your performance from an expert in the event and then
  • adjusting your performance based on your experience and expert feedback.

At Camp Systems, we are your negotiation experts on call in both English and Spanish. We are your coach.

Urgent Help

Expert negotiation help available in less than 48 hours for business leaders facing a critical negotiation that can’t afford to wait. At Camp Systems we recognize that sometimes time is against you and you need the insights, feedback and support of a negotiation expert now. For this situation we offer Urgent Help. This service allows you to get on the phone with an Camp expert within 24 hours to help you address your situation quickly.

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Team Training and Coaching

Negotiation training and coaching for business teams that want to dramatically improve their capabilities within 90 to 180 days.When you are aware that your team could be doing better in their negotiations and influencing efforts; we offer Team Training and Coaching. This program is customized to meet your specific needs, immerses your team in the Camp System and then supports them with coaching on real deals that are important to your business. Your team will learn by doing, with the insight, confidence and results that comes with expert coaching support.

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Personal Coaching

Learn to apply the proven principles and behaviors of the Camp System to your actual negotiations by working with a Camp coach. If you want step-by-step support and guidance on your actual negotiations and difficult conversations. With a coach in your corner you will grow your confidence, gain more control, see the path to follow and learn what to say and how to say it. If you’re facing some important negotiations or conversations, and you’re ready to be coached, then our Personal Coaching offering may be right for you.

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Online Learning

Online negotiation support for individuals who want to improve their negotiation capability. If you are committed to personal development, but are not yet ready for the support of an expert coach, then you are a candidate for Camp System’s Online Learning offerings. This content is available 24/7/365 and is designed to teach the mindset, behaviors and structure of how to prepare, execute and review one or a series of negotiation events.

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