Camp Systems

Are you committed to...

Developing the mindset required for effective negotiation and replacing your limiting habits and behaviors?

Learning a system of principles,
behaviors and skills that will
keep you safe so you always
know what to do and say
in any situation?

Applying your upgraded
negotiation capabilities
after your first session?

Camp Systems Personal Coaching Solution Provides:

Individual Support

Results in 60 Days

Proven System

Learn to apply the proven principles and behaviors of the Camp System to your actual negotiations by working with a Camp coach. We offer step-by-step support and guidance on your actual negotiations and difficult conversations. With a coach in your corner you will grow your confidence, gain more control, see the path to follow and learn what to say and how to say it. If you’re facing some important negotiations or conversations, and you’re ready to be coached, then our Personal Coaching offering may be right for you.

Before coaching, I would constantly be finding myself in negotiations and not realizing that I was in a negotiation. It sometimes it seems like you’re just having a really easy call with someone or a meeting or lunch, and suddenly it makes a turn that you’re not prepared for.  

One of the things that you [Coach Dave] taught me was about having agendas and negotiation purposes. That really gave me a lot of confidence whenever I was meeting with people. I was prepared for any issues and that really gave me clarity of that game plan for not just when I found myself in a surprise negotiation, but also when I had to sit down and hash out the details with my respected opponent. The system gave me a lot of confidence and direction on where I needed to go, and I was prepared to speak to all of those points as well, so that was outstanding.

-Seth Wilson, Managing Director at Clarity Equity Group