Camp Systems

Personal Coaching

Learn and apply the Camp System with an expert coach

Are you committed to:


Developing the mindset required for effective negotiation and replacing your limiting habits and behaviors?


Learning a system of principles, behaviors and skills that will keep you safe and always know what to do and say in any situation.


Applying your upgraded negotiation capabilities after your first session?

If you would like a negotiation expert to guide you through a current or upcoming negotiation or if you are interested learning the Camp system in a structured way, then you may consider the Camp Personal Coaching program. Learn to apply the proven principles and behaviors of the Camp System to your negotiations by working with a Camp coach to show you how to plan and execute any type of agreement.


Camp Systems Personal Coaching solution provides

Individual Support
Results in 90 Days
Proven System

Designed for individuals who want to improve and apply their new capabilities to real deals to help them get more from their negotiated agreements.  Experts from Camp Systems will lead you through a learning journey over 90 days that will transform you to a negotiation professional that always know what you want, what to say and what to do next to keep a negotiation moving forward towards your objective and never backwards.

We can guarantee this transformation because Camp Systems’ core business is coaching clients in real deals.  We take responsibility for what we will be teaching in our time together and stay with you in the trenches.