Camp Systems

Team Training & Coaching

Are you and your team:


losing sales, supply contracts, or other business negotiations?


Reducing prices and making compromises to save the deal?


Tired of spending 2-3 days in training seminars with no improvement in your negotiation results?

Camp Team Training & Coaching solution provides

Teams of up to 50 people
Intensive Training

A history of awards

If you are committed to solving the real problem that prevents you and your team from negotiation success and are ready to take the time and do the work to develop exceptional negotiation capabilities, then you may be a candidate for Team Training & Coaching. Designed for teams of up to 50 people (5-25 per class for greatest impact), experts from Camp Systems will lead you through a learning journey over 90 to 180 days that will transform your team to negotiation professionals that always know what they want, what to say and what to do next to keep a negotiation moving forward towards your objective and never backwards. We can guarantee this transformation because Camp Systems’ core business is coaching clients in real deals. We take responsibility for what we will be teaching in our time together and stay with you in the trenches. The one on one coaching cornerstone of the Team Training & Coaching is to have you and your team get the planning and debriefing help from Camp Systems experts on each negotiation event after your intensive training. This in the trenches support will enable your team to put into practice the principles, behaviors, rules and skills that are designed to keep you safe and in control in all situations and guaranteed to avoid the need to compromise.

*For companies looking to provide seminar or classroom style trainings with more than 50 participants, Camp Systems recommends the Black Swan Group led by Chris Voss.

Individual Development
  1. Build Good Habits:  Learn effective negotiation habits and Identify your detrimental behaviors that are blocking your success.
  2. Develop Confidence: Learn how to prepare and execute in any environment against any adversary.
  3. Think Strategically: Learn how each discussion, email, and interaction is a part of the overall negotiation strategy.
Team Alignment
  1. Unity: A common process for preparing, executing and debriefing with shared definitions and understanding throughout the life of the entire business relationship.
  2. Structured Communication: An organized delivery system for internal collaboration with feedback and coaching.
  3. Focus: The ability to concentrate on what they can actually manage rather than blindly chasing results.

How we do it

The Team Training & Coaching program provides a conducive environment for your team to learn fundamental activities and behavioral principles. Like any true and valid system, when aligned these negotiation principles will always defeat the theoretical and trendy tactics built on false pretenses and manipulations of power and leverage being deployed by your counterparts. Put simply, our program teaches people how not to compromise, how not to negotiate from a position of disadvantage, and how not to leave money on the table. We teach you how to build stronger, longer lasting agreements while securing greater margin. Then we stay with you for intensive one on one and group coaching sessions that focus on your actual negotiation events.  We help you bridge the gap from learning theory to implementation to negotiation success.