Camp Systems

Urgent Help

For business owners and leaders that are facing a negotiation emergency and need expert help in the next 48 hours.

Are you:


In a negotiation that if not executed with precision can put your company or job on the line?


Considering how to respond to an acquisition offer?


Facing contentious power tactics from a negotiator demanding less than favorable terms and conditions?


Dealing with key customer or supplier relationships that are extremely strained or broken?

Camp Systems Urgent Help solution provides

Fast Help
Negotiation Expertise

Personal Support

When you need expert advice now from a senior negotiation expert who has over 20 years of experience helping business leaders focus on getting what they want under extreme pressure, reach out to Camp Systems.

We are your expert and objective coach who can quickly uncover the real problems you need to deal with now and work with you to create the negotiation strategy to effectively and respectfully get you what you want.  We will stay with you and help you plan every phone call, meeting and piece of written correspondence until you say the negotiation is completed.