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Why You Need a Negotiation Purpose

Posted on April 30, 2021 by Camp Systems

The all-important Negotiation Purpose is #3 of 7 Principles of the Camp Negotiation System. Our seven principles are fundamental truths that do not change throughout our system.

7 Principles of Camp Negotiations

  1. Negotiation is the effort to create agreements between two or more parties with all parties having the right to veto. (Anyone can say No)
  2. You have the right and obligation to negotiate for what you want, but you don’t have the right to take away anyone else’s right to say no. (No bullying, threats, intimidation – but don’t be shy to ask.)
  3. Your Negotiation Purpose is to create agreements that solve the other party’s real problem or realize an opportunity, under conditions that are acceptable to you. (Start in “their” world)
  4. Effective negotiators are effective decision-makers. The only thing that you can control is your own decisions. (Only control yourself)
  5. All people make decisions using the same decision path. Decisions are driven by vision, are 100% emotional, and sometimes supported with logic. (Decisions are emotional.)
  6. When you make your opponent feel safe, respected, and okay, they are more likely to share information, build vision, and make decisions that last. (Your respected opponent should feel safe, not you.)
  7. Always act ethically, within the law, and honor your obligations. (Exactly as written.)

It all starts with these principles. If you want to learn and use the Camp Negotiation System, you have to accept all seven principles. When you adopt these principles, study the System and practice it, your ability to negotiate will elevate.

If you are not aligned with the principles, that’s fine, but then the Camp System is not a good fit for you.

The Common Mistake

Understanding #3, the Negotiation Purpose, is where many people make a mistake. Being in “their world” and not “your world” is difficult for most. (In the Camp System, what is now Negotiation Purpose used to be called Mission and Purpose; we changed it for more clarity based on client feedback.)

Listen for two minutes to hear Todd Camp’s insight on Negotiation Purpose:

If you have a significant business decision on the horizon, discover the Negotiation System that has CEO’s saying, “I never thought of that.”

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